The Early Earth and Titan, the largest satellite of Saturn are my main research objects.
        We study their interest for prebiotic chemistry through atmospheric reactivity. 
        The atmospheric chemical systems are experimentally simulated, using the platform developed in LATMOS.

La Terre et Titan

          The experimental platform at LATMOS for atmospheric reactivity simulation

                The plasma reactor : PAMPRE ("Production d’Aérosols en Microgravité par Plasma Réactif")

The plasma reactor uses a Radio-Frequency discharge to trigger reactivity in gas-mixtures simulating the main composition of the atmospheres. The efficiency of the energy deposition in the reactive volume enables to produce large molecules, and even solid organic aerosols, named "tholins". Tholins are laboratory analogues of planetary atmospheric aerosols. 


                APSIS: Atmospheric Photochemistry SImulated by Synchrotron

The photoreactor APSIS has been complementary built to simulate realistic photochemical experiments, representative of  upper planetary atmospheres. The irradiation source is a VUV beamline on the SOLEIL synchrotron.